Vanilla & Vanilla

A traditional white cake made with Madagascar vanilla and local butter paired with our vanilla bean speckled icing.

Olive Oil & Meyer Lemon

Extra virgin olive oil pound cake with meyer lemon zest paired with a thin layer of our tart meyer lemon curd. All made with local lemons.

Guava & Passion

Pink guava cake with tart passionfruit buttercream speckled with vanilla bean. Tropical & pretty. A taste of the islands.

Chai & Honey

Warming chai spice infused cake, paired with local Honey & vanilla bean buttercream.

Carrot & Cream Cheese

Rich carrot cake made with sweet pineapple and warm spices. Paired with silky cream cheese frosting.

Cookies & Cream

Our intensely chocolatey devil’s food cake accentuated by valrhona cocoa. Paired with sweet white chocolate buttercream and studded with chocolate cookie pieces.

Chocolate & Raspberry

Chocolate cake with bittersweet chocolate mousse & house made raspberry preserves. A classic combination.

Chocolate & Caramel Toffee

Chocolate cake paired with salted caramel swirled buttercream & lots of almond toffee pieces. Contains nuts.

Vanilla & Raspberry

Our classic white cake with sweet raspberry buttercream & house made raspberry preserves.

Banana & Cream Cheese

Rich banana cake made with flavor-ripe banana puree & paired with our cream cheese frosting. Also, available with peanut butter frosting, caramel filling or chocolate buttercream.

Almond & Apricot

Almond cake made with rich almond paste paired with almond-vanilla buttercream & house made turkish apricot preserves. Contains nuts.

Matcha & Black Sesame

Matcha tea infused cake with alternating layers of intense matcha buttercream and toasted black sesame buttercream.

Red Velvet & Cream Cheese

Traditional southern red velvet cake made with rouge cocoa & of course cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate & Chocolate

Chocolate cake with fluffy bittersweet chocolate mousse, made with belgian chocolate and lots of whipped cream. Definitely for the purists.

Chocolate Chip & Espresso

Chocolate cake filled with tons of mini chocolate chips. Paired with an espresso buttercream flavored with our house made espresso extract.